At Envisage Design Projects, we undertake all kinds of services ranging from all Residential Projects, Commercial Projects as well as Furniture Pieces. We are very flexible in the way in which we do our work and provide all kinds of service such as civil work, plumbing services, electrical services, fixed and movable furniture, accessorizing spaces, et al.

We meet our clients, get an idea from them as to what their requirements include and thereby provide them with a turnkey solution for the project. At first we process the information provided to us, create layouts along with varied options for the same. We develop a concept adhering to the client’s vision and transform the needs & wants converting it into a creative solution. Mood Chart, themes, colors, material selection & 3D designs wherever needed is created. Options for each of the individual items are presented and all aspects are considered before freezing the designs. Ergonomically designed spaces & pieces are critical for us. All ranges of finishes including paints, wall coverings, graphics & branding, furniture, accessories, colors, materials, electrical, lighting, plumbing fixtures & fittings, flooring, window treatments, air-conditioning, etc are shared with the client. On presenting the information & samples, selection of all items & materials take place collectively with the client & our team. Our next step makes us establish project time frames and budget guidelines with bills of materials and quantities, where in, each line item is quoted to client so as to also increase the understanding of the estimate and budgets.

We ensure that our designs not only look good but make use of optimum space available to us and are practical in all aspects. After selection by client with respect to all dimensions and finishes, we start the manufacturing process within our workshops and wherever needed on site. We have a close networking with all our teams including our civil & masonry teams, electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, metal workers & all other workers- on site and off site and ensure quality control of the entire project by having a site supervisor there at all times.

Our unique selling proposition or USP is that we cater to all your interior needs and ensure customer satisfaction within stipulated timelines and budgets. Our complete range of services makes us a One-Stop-Shop for all your interior needs! This is how we work!!!